PCP Charging Carbon Cylinder

carbon_composite_cylinderPCP CHARGING 300 BAR

9/6.8  litre  are in stock 3 litre by order.

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) dedicated page for all PCP enthusiasts. Mainly comprising carbon fibre cylinders and suitable accessories that make up for full charging stations.

The accuracy of PCP air guns has to be at the forefront of air gun technology, when carbon fibre charging stations are in use, the set up must be the most advanced airgun charging equipment available worldwide.

Thinner layers of carbon fibre have higher strength properties than conventional metal cylinders, therefore the weight of carbon fibre cylinders is far lighter than steel ones, this is useful for enthusiasts that need to transport cylinders to and from shooting areas in the boot of their cars.

Ease of carrying & handling exist with carbon fibre cylinders

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